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Big Game Hunting -
North America  

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Big Whitetail Deer from South Texas to the Canadian provinces.  Trophy Alaska-Yukon Moose from Alaska to Northwest Territories.  All the Caribou from Alaska, British Columbia to Eastern Canada.  Big Brown Bears and Interior Grizzlies are a specialty, as are Polar Bears, although the hunting is much more limited.  Call us to learn about our high percentage hunts for B&C Pronghorn in New Mexico, and some hotspots in Texas.  Everybody wants a big Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, so we’ve done our homework to find good “pockets” in both USA and Canada. 

Hunts for Desert Mule Deer in Mexico’s Sonora Desert are among the best hunts available, and the trophy won by the patient hunter is spectacular. For Rocky Mountain Elk, we prefer New Mexico and private land hunts in Colorado. Our sharp focus on the Grand Slam of Sheep and Rocky Mountain Goat steers clear of over-hunted areas. One spectacular sheep hunt is for free-ranging Aoudad Sheep in the mountains of deep southwest Texas.  World’s best sheep hunting bargain, in rugged terrain and pleasant weather from October through March. These sheep will test the most seasoned sheep hunter. Don't forget Nunavut for a real adventure for Musk Ox, or places like Newfoundland for very large Black Bears at about half the price of far Western Canada.


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