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  Why Henley & Delamere

Arranging a quality sporting experience can prove difficult when one tries to do it alone.  It can be hard to discern what is right and what is true from fancy websites, brochures, and sound bites heard at sports shows.  In this age of armchair booking agents and consultants who “borrow a watch to tell others what time it is”, Henley & Delamere stands proudly different.  We are practitioner-advisors who participate continuously at a high level in the world’s game fields and on its waters.  The depth of our first-hand experience, coupled with ongoing re-validation of our knowledge, enables us to discern a claim of quality from a guarantee of quality.  We set expectations factually and avoid the hype.

We are totally objective in our selections and recommendations, and enjoy being a “client advocate”.  Our objective is to help clients make the most informed decision possible.  We invest significant time up front to determine interests and preferences, and then recommend perfectly matched programs, backed by insightful rationale. 

The counsel H&D provides is “advisory-based”, rather than “sales-based”.  Our knowledge and services come at no extra cost.  Outfitters set all prices, but we do make judgments on price-value relationships, and only propose fair value while ensuring that there will be no compromises. Outfitters do pay us a commission as an alternative to spending these same funds for their own marketing.  However, we do not regard our commission as a financial incentive, but more as a reward for protecting a client’s investment, and greatly  improving the chances of success. 



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