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Wing Shooting 

We specialize in varied species with predictable high-volume action in key destinations around the world.


  Argentina – This is the place that comes to mind for high-volume wing shooting.  Hunt beneath skies teaming with 13 species of Ducks and 2 species of Geese that you’ll not see anywhere else.  Experience relentless Dove shooting and Pigeons over decoys.  The amount of shooting experienced may actually be limited only by one’s stamina.  Or, enjoy classic upland sport for Perdiz over well-trained pointers.  Our estancias are situated in the best areas, and gun permits are very easy.  Premium ammo, meals, wines, and accommodations.


  Uruguay – In addition to high-volume Dove shooting, you'll experience decoying Pigeons, and upland hunting for Perdiz.


  Mexico – This is another great area for high volume shooting, first for Whitewing and then Mourning Doves from late August through October.  The “combo season”, November through February, offers Ducks, Geese, Doves and wild Bobwhite Quail over pointers.  We handle everything. Guns are provided and are included in the price.  Alternatively, we will obtain permits for your personal guns.


   Midwest USA – The Prairie Pothole region of North Dakota provides dark-to-dark hunting for Ducks, Geese, Sharptail, and Pheasant.  A classic hunt for wild Pheasants in South Dakota harkens back to a bygone era. South Dakota combo hunts for Geese and Ducks are also available.  Dedicated Mallard hunters will find Nebraska’s Platt River a great option late season.  It’s none other than beautiful Montana for classic upland hunting.  We like Texas for wild Quail.

  Canada Saskatchewan is the mecca for Geese, Ducks, Sharptails and Ruffed Grouse. Ponds, slews, and plains abound over 1200 square miles of exclusive territory.  We ensure getting your firearm into Canada is made easy at the border.


  UK – Try high driven Pheasants in the classic tradition for 150-400 bird days in England.  Classic accommodations at large regal estates and manor homes, or in quaint cottages in country village settings.  There's also walked-up and pass shooting in Scotlandfor Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Woodcock, and Snipe.  Hassle-free gun importation for over 25 years.

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